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Updated Website!

Welcome to the new NEOBA club website.  We have been working to improve the content and member record keeping for a while now, and hope you will enjoy the results. We changed a few things, updated a few things, and added several new features. Some of those features are:

  • members can now update their own information (email, phone, etc) via the member login link

  • pay club dues online with a simpler process

  • search and download both the current and archived club newsletters in the Document area.

  • look up members in the phone directory

  • automatic email reminders for club dues

  • and more!

While we are excited about the changes and things you will be able to do yourself, know that Caroline remains available to assist you with your membership needs.

What is NEOBA?

NEOBA (Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association) is simply a group of beekeepers that comes together to promote beekeeping to the general public and support fellow beekeepers around our region. NEOBA pursues its educational mission by giving local presentations to schools and civic groups, hosting beekeeper classes, and organizing our annual Big Bee Buzz conference. 
Our series of classes, “Starting Right With Bees,” occurs twice a year, once during the fall and then late winter off-season, and graduates over 150 new beekeepers every year. 

For more information or to get in touch with us online, go to our contact page. For a complete list of upcoming meetings, conferences, and classes, please see our events calender.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Recent Articles
Recent Articles


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