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March Message from the President

Dane Strickland  | Published on 3/1/2018

We had a great turnout for the 2018 Big bee Buzz, and the rainy weather was unable to dampen the spirits of the attendees.  I heard so many positive comments about the speakers, and the program contents that I know we hit the mark again this year.  We always set the bar pretty high because we want our event to be widely known as a “don’t miss event”. I can’t thank our team enough for the effort, and time spent to bring it together because it takes quite a bit of planning and work to make it happen. The list is long but I will start with Rick Pike – Rick stepped up and filled the Coordinator role this year for the first time, and at the last minute battled the flu.  The rest of the team kept the momentum going until Rick was back on his feet.  I sure hope I do not miss anybody but here goes- Kenny Mock, Kaye Mock, Neil VanDalsem, Beverly Merrill, Caroline Johnson, Bob and Cathy Vaughan, MiChong Banfield, Alan Larson, Cara Hathaway, Bob Kashwer, Tom Ellis, John McComb, Bob Martin, LoriBeth Macdonald, and the club board in general, I KNOW more people stepped up in meaningful ways but escaped 'my' attention. Thanks to each of you for your willingness to help, we couldn’t do it without you.  Around mid-year we will form the Bee Buzz 2019 committee and if you would like to be a part, please step up as we would love to have you work with us.

Not too far out is the Tulsa State Fair and we are looking for someone to take the lead role for it this year to arrange the decorations, schedule persons to sit at the table, and in general just coordinate the week including setup and teardown.  Everything we do as a club is based on volunteerism, so if this strikes you as something you would be willing to do, please speak up and let any club board member know, call me, or send an email to

That brings me to my next thought – kids and schools! It’s that time! We as a club receive many requests for speakers for schools, scout groups, homeschool groups, retirement communities, festivals, and more.  I have participated in these for many years and cannot express how much I personally enjoy it.  You too can be a part and I assure you – you know more than you think you know.  Missy and Ray Sparks are our Community Contacts and they coordinate and help fill these request as they come in, but they need to know you are interested.  We have had a few requests already, so please send the Sparks an email with your contact information (

Finally – I wish to thank Alan Larson for serving as Treasurer for the club. He initially accepted this role a few years back as an interim while we looked for a volunteer, but time slipped by until now. Alan has filled many roles for the club over time, and his commitment to our club is admirable. In December Alan indicated he was ready to pass the Treasurer baton on to another volunteer and so today I am excited to announce that the Board has unanimously approved Elaine Chung as the Treasurer for 2018. Thank you  Elaine, and thank you Alan.

Be sure and keep an eye on your bees this time of year as there is both the opportunity for expansion and starvation. But you knew that because you attended the Bee Buzz right?

Thanks for being a part of our group, and I’ll see you at the next meeting!