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Tulsa State Fair

Preparations are underway to develop the new booth and content for this years fair.  Volunteers are needed to help acquire the materials, build a few things, and schedule people for setup nd tear down.  If you can help with those activities, please contact Caroline at

Volunteers are also needed to be at the booth space throughout the open fair hours.  To sign up for 1 or more time slots, pelase go here:

Our booth is an informational booth only, no selling allowed.

Announcing the 2020 Calendar Contest!  
Click 2020 NEOBA Calendar Contest for more details!

Welcome to NEOBA!

NEOBA (Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association) is simply a group of beekeepers that promote beekeeping to the general public and support fellow beekeepers around our region. NEOBA pursues its educational mission by giving local presentations to schools and civic groups, hosting beekeeper classes, and organizing our annual Big Bee Buzz conference.

Our series of classes, “Starting Right With Bees,” occurs twice a year, once during the fall and then late winter off-season, and graduates over 150 new beekeepers every year. 

For more information or to get in touch with us online, go to Contact Us. For a complete list of upcoming meetings, conferences, and classes, please see our Events Calendar.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Recent Articles
Recent Articles


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